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Creative Psychology Tools 

Therapy Made EASY.  (watch video here)    

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 As therapists, We understand that therapy / counselling can often feel like an intimidating journey for clients who struggle to express their true inner feelings and needs. That's why we believe in the power of pictures and creativity to spark the imagination and access the unconscious mind, innovatively transforming the therapeutic process in a fun, non-threatening way. Our unique approach paints a canvas of possibilities, using creative tools and inventive methods to help clients explore their emotions, desires, and aspirations in a safe and nurturing environment.

  • Made in KZN South Africa, we are determined to make all our products affordable for us all to use.

Our products will suit a wide variety of therapy styles and client preferences.

REVIEWS from Customers: 

  1. "Hi Mary. Wanted to let you know that the metaphor cards have been MIND BLOWING! I absolutely love using it with my student and teenage clients. It creates such rich content for discussion in a very non threatening manner"

  2. "These are amazing metaphor pictures. WOW, what an the amazing tool. They most certainly can draw out inner depths ... Pictures do indeed paint a 1000 words. The selection is amazing."

  3. "I bought the Metaphor Therapy Kit, Chat cards for kids and Emotional Expression cards. I find my clients relate well to the visuals and have been using them with children and adults. Really happy with the products"

  4. Congratulations, Mary, on the publication of your incredible book Empowering Thoughts! Each page holds a treasure trove of insights that prompts the reader into a daily contemplation towards self-awareness and mastery.
    Mary fearlessly combines her expertise as a clinical psychologist with fascinating neuropsychology findings, illuminating the intricate connection between mind, body, and spirit. Her ability to weave these elements together is truly inspiring.
    I had the privilege of attending the book launch, and it was evident that Mary poured her heart and soul into this project. Her bravery in seeing it through is a testament to her passion for helping others achieve holistic well-being.
    I wholeheartedly recommend this book to anyone seeking a transformative path towards a balanced and fulfilling life. Thank you, Mary, for sharing your wisdom with the world!

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