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Therapy Chat Cards : for Kids

Therapy Chat Cards : for Kids

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These 52 Therapy Chat Cards for Kids are designed to assist therapeutic conversations and suggest fun activities for children. covers a wide range of topics to help kids better manage difficult emotions and situations.

Tips for use: * FEELiNGS - pink heart, Calming - purple cloud, Self Esteem - yellow star, Health - blue oval)


FIRST: the therapist should select a few cards that are relevant to the child’s situation or specific needs then….. play the ……Emotion Explorer Pick-A-Card game

* The therapist shuffles the Therapy Chat Cards for Kids deck to ensure randomness.

* The therapist fans out the cards, holding them face down and fanned out like a deck of playing cards.

* The therapist asks the child to pick a card from the fan without looking.

* The child chooses one card from the fan.

Activity Steps:

* The therapist shows the card chosen by the child to the child and reads the category name and shape on the back of the card (e.g., "FEELiNGS - pink heart").

* The child discusses their understanding of the category and what they think it means (e.g., "I think 'FEELiNGS' means talking about how I feel and understanding different emotions.").

* The therapist asks the child to flip the card over to reveal the question or activity on the front.

* The child answers the question or engages in the activity based on the card's prompt (e.g., "The card says, 'What makes you feel happy?' Well, playing with my pet makes me feel happy!").

* The therapist actively listens and encourages the child to share more if they feel comfortable.

* After discussing the card, the therapist can keep the card aside and the child gets to choose another and so on


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