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Super power metaphor cards

Super power metaphor cards

Power animal / super power cards

Convert Problems to skills. What skill do you need to learn to help you to deal with this problem? (eg calm my temper or learn to listen better)

Unleash Your Inner Super-Power!

Transform challenges into opportunities for growth with our Super-Power metaphor cards.

Every problem is a chance to acquire a new skill - be it mastering your temper or refining your listening abilities. Select a skill you're eager to embrace and embark on this empowering journey.

Your trusty power animal, equipped with its unique strengths - think Starlight Wolf or Sage Owl - Their wisdom will inspire courage in moments of difficulty, much like a "Resilient Tiger."

Experience a profound transformation within, leading to refined behaviors and reactions.

Embrace your inner child's journey and empower yourself to conquer life's challenges in the most remarkable way!

*Remind the client that we all have an inner child that needs encouragement and help to cope and to learn new skills. The power animal or super power will help the inner child to learn to achieve their goals you (eg he will cover me in snow and calm me down / will help me listen better)I


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